About SonRise Photos

Mike Maxwell, the guy behind SonRisePhotos.com, is a native of Colorado.  All his life he has been camping, hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountains.  He got his first camera at a garage sale when he was 10 and has been taking pictures ever since.  In high school, he started working in the darkroom and things "developed" from there.  He became an award winning photographer as photo editor of the school newspaper.  Over the years, he has transitioned from film and darkroom to digital SLR and computers.  Whatever the format, Mike enjoys the process of capturing "the moment" and sharing it with others.

Mike is an airline pilot and travels around the world.  He looks to capture the beauty that God has created wherever he is.

I love traveling around the world. I see places that some only get to dream about. People travel to mountains and oceans and deserts with a longing to connect with nature. I hope my photography not only helps them connect with nature but also the One who created it.

Every sunrise is special. It starts a day fresh with unlimited possibilities. Each day is a clean slate.  My hope is that I can live what is written in Psalm 113:3 - "From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!"

                                                    Mike Maxwell